DrewTuriano-photoToday; America finds herself in many difficult crises. We have an out of control debt and spending problem. We have a shrinking economy and a tarnished image with many of our once closest allies. America is no longer the leader of the world for moral authority and we have so many regulations a burdens put upon our small businesses, they can barely function and stay in business anymore.

America is crying out for leadership that has not made politics a career! We desperately want representative’s that will lead our nation back to a path of prosperity. We deeply desire representatives who will guide our nation with a core belief that is guided by more than what political parties and elitist tell them they should believe or how they should vote.

I believe that if America begins replacing career politicians with citizen servants, we can once again have the promise of that “shining city on a hill” that President Reagan so eloquently voiced.

As a real-estate investor in Helena, I understand the necessity for repealing many of the burdensome laws that are strangling our job creation abilities today. I understand the need for our energy expansion, tax reductions and at the same time, I understand the fears our young have about our future. I understand because I am no different than you are. I know what it is like at the grocery store today. I feel the same pain you do every time I fill my car. I know what you’re thinking and feeling when I open my electric bill every month. And now I am faced with the same decisions you’re facing with the horrible burdens placed upon all of us with “Obama-Care”.

As your next member of the United States House of Representatives from the Great State of Montana, I make you four promises:

  1. My door will always be open to hear you and your concerns.
  2. I promise to represent you with honor, dignity and moral clarity.
  3. I promise to never cast a vote that doesn’t adhere to the Constitution of these United States.
  4. I promise to visit every county in Montana at least once a year and hold a town hall meeting to hear from you, my fellow citizens of this great state.

Lastly; I promise that I will never vote yes on any bill that delivers one dollar to Obama-Care, foreign aid to any country that doesn’t respect or assist America and I will never vote to expend one taxpayer dollar to study a shrimp on a treadmill.

Drew Turiano